No Putdowns

NO PUTDOWNS...pass it around!

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Think About Why​

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​Stay Cool

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​Shield Myself

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​Choose a Response

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​Build Up


How can family members reinforce the work of NO Putdowns?

  1. Use the language of the program -- Think About Why, Stay Cool, Shield Myself, Choose a Response, Build Up.
  2. Refer to the skills in daily interactions.
  3. Observe the use of putdowns at stores, restaurants, on television and radio.
  4. Think about establishing an incentive program to reinforce use of the skills.
  5. Tune into your own use of putdowns.
  6. Emphasize positive communication: listening, eye contact, questions, paying attention to the speaker, fighting fair, and encouraging rather than discouraging.  These are skills that can be practiced and used.
  7. Remind your children that as parents and as adults, you have a right and responsibility to correct their behavior and that there is a difference between constructive criticism and reprimands -- and putdowns.  However, when you need to get a point across, try to do it without a putdown. Instead of "You're so sloppy or lazy." Try "After you pick up your toys, you can go play." You can get your point across without a putdown.