Disability and Mental Health Services

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Disability Services

The Head Start Program promotes recruitment and enrollment of children with disabilities. Children are given the needed services directly in the classroom in collaboration with The Early Education Center and/or direct services provided by special education Head Start staff.  Early Head Start children with disability services receive collaborative home visits with The Early Education Center therapist and their assigned home visitor. This model provides reduced visits for parents and a cohesive team for families and children.  Children with disabilities are included in all aspects of the Head Start Program. In addition, transportation is provided to children on active services within the boundaries of Unified School District #308. These services are at no cost to Head Start families.


Mental Health Services

Head Start provides mental health services to families in a variety of ways. Each child's social and emotional development is screened approximately every six months. Mental health support services are offered based on the screening results or as a result of parental request. Prenatal women served by Early Head Start are offered the opportunity for post-partum depression screenings and support. Families are connected to services that meet their individual needs and preferences. One time consultations are free of charge to Head Start families. Assistance is provided to connect with ongoing counseling services within the community. All services and referrals are confidential.