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Sixth Grade Immunization Project

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Goal: All present 6th Graders will have requested 7th grade immunizations and have documentation to their building School Nurse by May 23.

Why So Early?  Each year in August there are about 150 students who do not have completed immunizations.  The following is from state statute and district policy: “All students enrolling in any district school shall provide the building principal with proof of immunization of certain diseases or furnish documents to satisfy requirements.”

Why 7th grade?   An additional TDAP is required at this age level.

Why is this a challenge for parents?

-It is hard to get an appointment in July and August.

-Parents complete the immunization and assume the district gets the records.

-Parents forget until too late.

-Parents aren’t aware of the law.

What to Do?

1. Make an appointment with your child’s physician now to get immunizations completed and have documentation mailed or delivered to HMS-7 by May 23rd.


2. Sign up to have your child’s immunization administered at school by the Reno County Health Department (schedule is below). Complete paper work with your school nurse at Parent Conferences.Documentation of the immunization will be sent directly to the HMS-7 School Nurse.

If you miss parent conferences, call your school nurse to get the paper work completed so your child can receive immunizations at the Building Clinics.

School Vaccination Clinics:

Faris:             April 11                                         Graber:                     March 13

Lincoln:         March 5                                          McCandless:           March 12

Morgan:         April 3                                            Wiley:                       April 4

Allen:            March 14                                         Ave. A:                      April 6


6th graders will learn of this Immunization Project and the need for immunizations through a lesson provided by the school nurse

Celebration:   There will be “Celebration 7th Grade Tee Shirts” provided to 6th graders the last week of school to acknowledge student and parent efforts for completing required immunizations and documentation by May 23rd.  

Any questions about immunizations can be answered by calling your school nurse. The paperwork needed for the immunization clinics is available by clicking here.