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HHS seniors honored at assembly

During the annual Hutchinson High School Awards Assembly Wednesday (May 3, 2017), the HHS graduating class of 2017 was recognized with awards and scholarships from local, state and national sources.

The Young American Award winner for 2017 was Brooke Ackley. The Young American Award is the oldest award at HHS with this being its 88th year. The award was started by the Oswald family in the 1920s.

Other finalists for the award were Wyatt Akins, Shayla Bellamy, Annie Blake, Conor Craig, Anna Deal, Julia Hardenburger, Siyantee McGraw, Eduardo Ramierz and Jazmine Wright.

The Davis Foundation winners also were named. Winners, who each get $6,000 in scholarship money annually for four years, were Shayla Bellamy and Jacob Stanley.

Other Davis finalists were Annie Blake, Isabella Wintamute, Wyatt Atkins and Eduardo Ramirez Cuellar. The other finalists each get $4,000 a year in scholarship money for four years.

This is the 63rd year for the Davis Foundation scholarships. During that time, more than 200 students have received scholarships. When the first scholarships were awarded in the 1950s, the scholarships were $500 a year for four years.

Davis Foundation teachers of the year for USD 308 will be announced in August at the opening convocation for district staff.

Zachary Towle was named a Kansas Designated Scholar. He and Tiffany Bass, Chase Denison, Dylan Cross and Lance Page were the Kansas Scholars Curriculum Completers.

            Below is a list of students and staff recognized Wednesday. After graduation later this month, a list of student awards and college scholarships (including Hutchinson Community College) as provided by families will be available.

  • Teacher of the Trimester: Alan Beck, Ryhanna Reilly, Kacey Ford
  • Leaders, Today and Tomorrow: Brooke Ackley, Wyatt Akins, Annie Blake, Tyler Christian, Keeley Cunningham, Anna Deal, Kolby Holmberg, Eduardo Ramirez, Zach Schmitt, Jacob Stanley
  • Burton and Doris Lyman and James Thompson Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Ackley
  • HHS Alumni Scholarship: Zach Schmitt, Jacob Stanley, Shayla Bellamy
  • University of Kansas Honors Program Scholarship: Shayla Bellamy, Eduardo Ramirez, Mariah Sibley, Siyantee McGraw, Zach Schmitt, Jacob Stanley, Margaret Kovach, Lance Page
  • Midwest IB Schools Association Scholarship: Julia Hardenburger
  • Kiwanis Club of Hutchinson Key Club Scholarship: Kenna Frankenfeld, Wyatt Akins, Tyler Christian, Ashlyn Foster
  • Reno County 4H Foundation Ralph Warner Scholarship: Justin Hard
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Community Service Award: Anna Deal, Grace Scott
  • Hutchinson NEA Scholarship: Sarah Ivey
  • Marjorie Sidlinger Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Lamunyon, Dominik Guerra
  • George and Belle Pearce Trust Fund Scholarship: Princess Grissom, Tyler Hallford
  • John H. “Jack” Caton Memorial Scholarship: Kimberly Reiser
  • Class of 1965 Scholarship: Desirae Coonce, Jacob Wiens
  • National School Choral Award: Will Kovach
  • John Phillip Sousa Award: Kimberly Reiser
  • Louie Armstrong Jazz Award: Noah Addis
  • National School Orchestra Award: Madeline Atkinson
  • Denny Hart Family Athletic Scholarship: Tyler Christian
  • Wendy’s High School Heisman Award: Brooke Ackley, Wyatt Akins
  • Outstanding Athlete Award: Brooke Ackley, Kolby Holmberg
  • Class of 1947 John and Bobbi Baker Scholarship: Dylan Chesterman
  • Ellis Foundation Scholarship: Hallie Dejmal
  • Marty Casey FACS Scholarship: Madeline Atkinson
  • Class of 1953 Educational Grant: Dylan Chesterman
  • Hispanic Heritage Scholarship: Katlyn Martinez, Lesley Villa, Melinna Acevedo, Pablo Sanchez
  • Melissa Yost Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Wood
  • Class of 1961 Scholarship: Jenna Garcia
  • Jennifer A. Goodman Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Wiens
  • Altrusa International – Marjorie Jackson Office Education Scholarship: Alix Miller
  • Coberly/Tweito Memorial Scholarship: Annie Blake, Canyon Maldonado
  • Class of 1962 Scholarship: Anna Deal, Hannah Burns
  • The Hazel Doherty Scholarship for Lincoln Students: Braiden Vonfeldt
  • Class of 1968 Scholarship: Juan Ocon, Jr.
  • Shelter Insurance Scholarship: Noah Addis
  • American Legion Award: Eli Truan, Annie Blake
  • Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention Art Awards:
    • Gold Winner – Julia Hardenburger
    • Silver Winner – Julia Hardenburger, Alexis Montoya, Siynatee McGraw
    • Honorable Mention – Ashlyn Foster, Nina Beaver, Madalyn Siller, Cody Murray, Alexis Montoya, Julia Hardenburger
  • Class of 1960 Whiteside Allagaroo Scholarship: Zachary Towle
  • Recognition of Kansas Board of Regents Scholars Curriculum Completers: Tiffany Bass, Dylan Cross, Chase Denison, Lance Page, Zachary Towle
  • Recognition of KS Board of Regents Designated State Scholars: Zachary Towle
  • Presidential Academic Fitness Award: Brooke Ackley, Theodore Adams, Noah Addis, Braxton Allen, Jayden Atha, Madeline Atkinson, Shayla Bellamy, Annie Blake, Jocelyn Brady, Tyler Christian, Conor Craig, Keeley Cunningham, Mikayla Dallke, Hallie Dejmal, Chase Denison, Laura Dewitt, Dominik Guerra, Kolby Holmberg, Margaret Kovach, Will Kovach, Casey Lane, Canyon Maldonado, Siyantee McGraw, Clay Miller, Aubrey Myers, Lance Page, Peyton Pendergrass, Logan Porter, Eduardo Ramirez, Zach Schmitt, Matthew Schweder, Garrett Severud, Jacob Stanley, Peyton Strobel, Micah Tomac, Zachary Towle, Nicholas Vogel, Courtney Weesner, Isabella Wintamute, Natalie Wood
  • James A. and Juliet L. Davis Foundation Scholarship Winners: Shayla Bellamy and Jacob Stanley
  • Other James A. and Juliet L. Davis Foundation Finalists: Wyatt Atkins, Annie Blake,Isabella Wintamute, Eduardo Ramirez Cuellar
  • Young American Award Winner: Brooke Ackley
  • Other Young American Award Finalists: Anna Deal, Wyatt Akins, Julia Hardenburger, Shayla Bellamy, Siyantee McGraw, Annie Blake, Eduardo Ramirez, Conor Craig, Yazmine Wright