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IB students focus on service learning

IBCP 2017 Six students in the International Baccalaureate program at Hutchinson High School are working on special service learning projects this spring.

While all IB students have to do community service during high school, the International Baccalaureate Career Programme requires students to put together a specific service learning project. The IB Career Programme is the newest International Baccalaureate offering, begun by the organization in 2012 and offered at HHS, beginning in 2015-16.

The IBCP allows students to specialize in and focus on a career-related pathway. Students must take at least two Diploma Programme courses alongside the chosen career-related pathway courses. In addition to the course requirements, IBCP students must complete a reflective project and a service learning project.

This year HHS has six students enrolled in this program who are doing service learning projects that will impact the community – Julia Hardenburger, Canyon Maldonado, Lance Page, Zach Schmitt, Jacob Stanley and Nick Vogel.

Jacob Stanley

On April 8, 2017, Stanley is hosting a 5K run for Parkinson’s disease awareness at 7:30 p.m. on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. The event is titled, “Light Up the Night for Parkinson’s” and is a glow run at night. All participants will be given glow sticks to symbolically light up the path to a new discovery in Parkinson’s research. This 5K is a 100 percent charitable race. All proceeds will be donated to a Parkinson’s disease research foundation.

Those interested can find more information and register at

Additionally, an event page is set up on Facebook (

Zach Schmitt

Schmitt is working to create a steadier volunteer base for Meals on Wheels. Specifically, Schmitt is promoting delivering Meals on Wheels by Hutchinson High School students, later hoping to promote his plan to other Reno County schools.

The senior’s career pathway is medicine. He is connecting his project to the career pathway through helping older individuals who depend on Meals on Wheels receive the nutrients necessary for daily living.

Lance Page:

Page is setting up a flight rally with the Experimental Aircraft Association through its Young Eagles program. The flights will be done in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hutchinson.

Founded in 1992, the EAA’s Young Eagles program has dedicated a quarter century to give students ages 8 to 17 their first ride in an airplane. The program is designed to introduce youth to the world of aviation. More than 2 million youth have participated in the program.

Julia Hardenburger

"Donate Responsibly" is a runway show to promote and inform consumers about what it means to “donate responsibly.” The show will be at 2 p.m. April 22 in the Hutchinson Career and Technical Education Academy’s Events Center.

Designed as a high-end runway experience with a meaningful message, general admission will be free for a donation of a bag of clothing or textiles. VIP tickets are available for $15 with student ID, $20 without. The VIP experience will include front row seating, access to the Smith’s Market VIP lounge and swag bags.

This event will inform the community in a fun and fashionable way about the impacts of the fashion industry on the global environment. Hardenburger is passionate about this topic and believes the only way to be part of the change is through consumer education. The goal is to educate our community, not to raise money. Any additional funds that are left over from this event will be donated to Clean Clothes Campaign.

Nick Vogel

Vogel is doing a lesson on being safe on the internet at Hutchinson Middle School – 7. Vogel will cover a variety of issues, including setting up two-factor authentication, what makes a good password and the security issues of most public internet access. Vogel also will cover the basics of virtual private networks and how VPNs keep data safe.

The senior said the information is important for students to learn because many do not understand the security risks on the online world, and how to be protected when it comes to online banking and sensitive materials that they put online.

Canyon Maldonado

Maldonado is working on a food drive.