Did you know?

Medical CareersFact: In 2020, the education demand for jobs in Kansas will be –

  • 11 percent Master’s degree or higher
  • 25 percent Bachelor’s degree
  • 35 percent Associate’s degree
  • 29 percent high school diploma or less

(Source: Recovery: Job Growth and Requirements through 2020. Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University)

Twenty-seven states and the District of Columbia will be at or above the 65 percent proportion of jobs (nationally) that will require postsecondary education beyond high school in 2020.

In Kansas, 71 percent of jobs – the sixth highest percentage in the country – will require some level of post-secondary education. Now this is not necessarily a four- or two-year college degree, but it is some post-secondary training, which may begin in high school.

In USD 308, our mission statement is “Students will graduate with the knowledge, skills and behaviors to be college and career ready.” By the time our students graduate from Hutchinson High School, nearly all will have taken at least one class at the Career and Technical Education Academy.

Students are able to obtain a wide range of post-secondary certifications either while at HHS or while attending Hutchinson Community College. The certifications vary from CISCO computer networking to automotive and collision repair and certified medical aide/certified nursing aide/emergency medical technician.

Example: HHS students earned 44 CNA and 16 CMA certificates in 2015-16. Additionally, eight home health aides and seven restorative aides received certification in the Health Science Program.

The Kansas State Department of Education has set postsecondary completion and attendance as one of five outcomes to measure the department’s vision. That vision is “Kansas leads the world in the success of each student.” KSDE’s vision complements USD 308’s mission statement.