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IMPORTANT: In order to save your answers correctly after you fill out the scholarship application, you must use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader DC to save the completed form. Chromebooks and most mobile devices and tablets do not have access to the full version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader DC, so DO NOT use a Chromebook or mobile device to fill out and save your Scholarship Application.


  1. Using the Internet Explorer browser, click the link for the Scholarship Application below.
  2. Your browser should open the Scholarship Application in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  3. After opening the Scholarship Application in Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader DC, please fill out the form completely.
  4. After you have completed the form, use the Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader DC save option to save your responses.  From the menu, choose File > Save As or use Shift+Ctrl+S if the menu is not available. You may also click the small disk icon in the toolbar to save, as shown below:
  5. Save the completed Scholarship Application to your Home Directory as 2016ScholarshipApplicationFirstNameLastName (Example: 2016ScholarshipApplicationJohnDoe).
  6. Email the completed Scholarship Application to:


2018-19 Scholarship Application



HHS Local Scholarships

2018-19 Local Scholarships

Check the deadlines and due dates when applying for local scholarships. Late applications are usually not accepted by the committees. YOU must come into the counseling center and fill out a scholarship request form for EACH local scholarship for which you are interested in applying. 

Some scholarships may ask for additional information other than the LSA you emailed to the counseling center. Contact Mr. Wilson in the counseling center if you have questions at 620-615-4114 or

Other Scholarship Searches

FastWeb Scholarship Search offers a free scholarship matching service that provides some of the best financial aid information available online. 

College Connection Scholarship Search

KnowHow2Go College Planning Site

Free-4u Scholarship Database

Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized Federal Loans

FAFSA, Kansas Scholarships

For a list and a direct link to colleges and universities that have been approved by KACRO go to: College and University Websites

The Department of Education is no longer providing paper FAFSA Applications to colleges, libraries or secondary schools.  Students must complete the FAFSA with on of the following three options:

For a list of state sponsored scholarship and grant programs, go to:  State of Kansas Financial Aid Programs