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Hutchinson Public Schools Business Office

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Our administrator is Julie Stucky, Director of Fiscal Management and Business Operations.

If it involves money in the district, at some point Ms. Stucky and her staff become involved, from the mundane reimbursement for toll-road fees for staff members to paying 900 staff members each month to making major capital purchases, all bills go through this office.

The Business Office also is responsible for employee pay and benefits. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Meet Our Team

Julie Stucky, Director of Fiscal Management, 615-4040    

Jamie Brown, Payroll/Benefit Coordinator, 615-4044    

Mindy Williams, Payroll/Benefit Coordinator, 615-4043    

Margo Frey, Purchasing Clerk/Business Office Secretary, 615-4039

Cindy Meier, District Accountant, 615-4046

Vance Mayes, Fixed Assets/Federal Programs Secretary, 615-4045

Tara Horne, Accounts Payable Coordinator, 615-4042


Budget Information Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
2016-17 Budget USD 308 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2016
Budget at a Glance 2016-17 USD 308 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2015
Form 151 2016-17 USD 308 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2014
One Page Budget Summary 2016-17  
2015-16 Budget  
Budget at a Glance 2015-16 Audits
One Page Budget Summary 2015-16 FY 2016 Audit
Form 151 2015-16  


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