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Dr Shelly Kiblinger

Employee Assistance Program available to staff

All employees are now eligible for benefits under our new Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) through New Directions. What is an EAP you ask? It is far more than just another abbreviation for us to remember. The EAP gives all employees and those living in their house access to some pretty amazing benefits. And all at no cost to the employee and you do not have to take the district health insurance!

Benefits include up to six no-cost counseling sessions for help in dealing with the stressful and emotional issues that life can throw at us. There is also assistance for financial and credit counseling. Should you find yourself in need of legal advice, the benefits also include a free consultation with an attorney and discounted legal services should you decide to move forward with that legal counsel.

Of course, all of this is completely confidential. Your personal information or fact that you’ve utilized any of these services will never be shared with your employer. You should have received a flier from Ray Hemman detailing the benefits and how to access them. If you didn’t, please check your junk mail. You will also begin to see posters up around the buildings as we roll out the materials to publicize this new benefit and train supervisors on promoting it to our employees. This service has been made possible through the Employee Health Pool Funds. When our staff is healthy, we all reap the benefits!

Dr. Shelly Kiblinger
Phone: 620-615-4008


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