NEW! Adult Diploma Completion Program at MidTown Center

Hutchinson Public Schools is proud to now sponsor our adult high school completion program, housed in the centrally located MidTown Center, 200 E Sherman.  The highly trained staff at MidTown Center will assist you in establishing an individualized learning plan to achieve your goal of obtaining a Hutchinson High School diploma.

Enrollment will be from noon to 8 p.m. on Aug. 11 at MidTown Center, 200 E. Sherman.

  • Fully accredited courses that are delivered onsite and online.
  • The curriculum is user friendly and individualized.
  • Highly qualified teachers are available onsite to help you.
  • Our diploma is a Hutchinson High School diploma and is recognized by military recruiters, colleges, employers and universities
  • There will be assistance with career and college planning

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