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Honors American Government counts the ballots

BallotStudents from Glenna Johnson's Honors American Government class began counting ballots for the Hutchinson High School mock election Wednesday. More than 1,300 Salthawks participated in the mock election. This mock election allowed students to vote on federal and state elections.

As with the real election, mock election ballots that were mismarked were thrown out.

There's a YouTube video of the counting at


Hillary Clinton: 208

Donald Trump: 195

Gary Johnson: 180

Jill Stein: 89

1st District Congress

Kerry Burt: 439

Roger Marshall: 317

Alan LaPolice: 201

U.S. Senate

Patrick Wiesner: 364

Jerry Moran: 354

Robert D. Garrad: 240

Kansas Senate District 34

Ed Berger: 514

Homer Gilson: 427

Kansas House District 102

Patsy Terrell: 501

Jan Pauls: 400

Kansas House District 104

Betty Taylor: 526

Steven Becker: 349

Supreme Court Justices

Carol Beier: 611 yes; 310 no

Lawton Nuss: 540 yes; 363 no

Caleb Stegal: 553 yes; 354 no

Dan Biles: 508 yes; 402 no

Maria Luckert: 547 yes; 356 no