Thespians perform ‘She Kills Monsters’

She kills monsters logoStudents in the Repertoire Theatre Class at Hutchinson High School will perform the play She Kills Monsters at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at Hutchinson High School. Doors open at 7 each night.

Since seating is limited, patrons are asked to email Tobie Henline, drama teacher at HHS, at for reservations. Because of the subject matter, the show is for mature audiences.

Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $2 for HHS students with their ID. If parents want to bring students younger than high school age, tickets cost $7 for students eighth grade and young.

The show takes place in the small town of Athens, Ohio in 1995. It is about a girl, Agnes, who finds a Dungeons and Dragons module her younger sister wrote before she died in a car accident. The play is about Agnes' journey to understand and get to know her little sister through the game.

The drama deals with many current issues facing teens, specifically bullying, LGBTQ issues, grieving and loss and loneliness.

          The Repertoire Theatre Class is not only acting in the show, but has designed and created all of the technical elements for the show as well.

          The cast list follows.

  • Agnes: Victoria Owens
  • Tilly: Adriana Owens
  • Chuck: Andrew Voth
  • Miles: Josh Morris
  • Kaliope/Kelly: Courtney Snowden
  • Lilith/Lily: Azia Colvin
  • Orcus/Ronnie: Derek Norris
  • Vera/Evil Gabbi/Beholder: Gabby Reid
  • Evil Tina/Farrah the Faerie: Claudia Egerstaffer
  • Steve: Jasper Fast
  • Narrator: Kenneth Moore
  • Monsters: Deaven Cosato, Kenneth Moore, Claudia Egerstaffer, Gabby Reid, Josh Morris