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District website updated

            With more families accessing the internet via phones and tablets, Hutchinson Public Schools has unveiled its new mobile-device-friendly website. Still at, the new website is designed to be as usable on a smart phone or tablet as it is on a laptop or desktop computer.

            Over the past seven months, district webmaster and web designer Janean Nusz has reformatted and updated the district website using software that adapts to both the small screen – smart phones and tablets – and the large screen – laptop and desktop computers.

            Fall 2015 data from Pew Research Center showed that individuals between the ages of 18 and 49 are more likely to own a smart phone than a traditional laptop or desktop computer. Among individuals ages 18 to 49, between 83 and 86 percent own a smart phone. For the same age groups, desktop and laptop ownership ranges between 78 and 81 percent.

            The new website can be resized on a small screen – such as a cell phone or a tablet – with links accessed by the touch of a finger.

            While most links are active, a few links will be made active or updated prior to the start school in August.